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... dead said live longer ...

The open beta version has been available in its current version for 2 years. Back then the project for an initial implementation has been brought to the status it has today.

--> Collect feedback, give users the opportunity to provide photos and correct results for QA purposes.

Unfortunately, this function has not been used much so far, but it is necessary to collect more image material for the calibration of the estimation model.

Im 2018, unfortunately, a follow-up project was rejected and therefore at that time, other large projects became a higher priority (building a house, supporting the family in 3 jobs, driving technology in the industrial sector, as it is current).

The Covid Pandemic, in turn, had other influences on the development path of the VarroaCounter.

At least, in the foreseeable future, there will be new stuff to test, since a newer intermediate version is currently being implemented.

Please mind that there are tutorial videos (en/de).

--> You can examine the photo by zooming in terms of sharpness,

--> try 3 brightness levels (tap on the image preview)

--> try the tick for QA-Mail: An email with meta information and the photo is generated, but you have to send it manually (or save it as a draft for later) in your email client, which will open automatically.

Since there were generally very few emails in the past 2 years, I was never sure whether there was so little interest in improving the accuracy or whether some technical difference between manufacturers which might still have left a technical limitation open.

At the 4th International Bee and Hive Monitoring Conference 2020 I was invited to give a contribution. Beside the history of this idea I also went into the current limitations and technical challenges or the challenges for the future.

Here are all talks of this event:

Even if it is sometimes tough, many little steps make quite a distance.

Please register for the newsletter and you will be notified when the new version is available.

The app will remain in open beta mode until I have enough image material to mature the AI ​​better and derive reliable, publishable results.

I am happy about any support and cooperation!

All the best and greetings! :)


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